Big Changes!

Sunday, October 17, 2021

I can hardly believe it's been almost FIVE YEARS since I've posted on this blog! I would say that time flies, but much of the past five years have felt like slogging through thick mud. I have been on a journey that was hard, but enlightening, and while I'm relieved that the worst of those days are behind me, I'm also grateful for them. 

So...What happened?

  • I went from living and loving my awesome crafty life, to
  • being in so much pain I literally wanted to die, to
  • reconnecting with God, to
  • a total and complete miraculous healing, to
  • downsizing everything in my life and
  • moving to a smaller house in another town, then
  • publishing my first book (a lifelong dream for me).

And, yes, I did have to give up that beautiful library and amazing craft room. I still occasionally quilt and create books and boxes, but I don't have the supplies or the space for the papercrafting that I used to enjoy, so no more cardmaking for me.


My book, Faith Storm: Salvation to Relationship, came out of my experiences over the past few years, and is available in paperback at 

I also have a new website (, and I wanted to personally invite you to visit my new blog home where I share my thoughts on life, from a perspective of renewed faith.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss papercrafting and the sweet, sweet community that I was a part of for so long. I still check in to see what you all are up to, and your creations always bring me joy with their beauty and creativity. Thank you for continuing to share your amazing talents with the world.

My life has taken me in another direction, but I am content and happy to be where I have landed. 

I hope you'll visit me soon!

Love to you all,

Thanks for visiting my blog!
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