My First Stamp Convention!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hi Friends! I am SO excited! This past weekend, I attended my very first stamp convention--Heirloom's Lawrenceville Rubber Stamp & Paper Arts Festival!!! Wow! When I walked into the building, I honestly had no idea where to start. It was nearly overwhelming, there was so much to see. Let me show you.

Now, I knew all this stuff existed, but to see it under one roof--in person! Well, let me tell you, I was in heaven. Before now, I was aware that scrapbook conventions were out there, and even knew about one near me a year or two ago, but didn't go because I couldn't imagine what I could get out of that that I couldn't get with on-line shopping. Now, I'm sorry I missed that event. Being able to actually see and touch everything was so inspiring for my creativity.

There were a few things that really intrigued me. Here's Darlene, at Stampland, demonstrating her dusting techniques. She was amazing!

And, look at the talent she so generously shared with everyone.

 These were some of my favorites. She made this look so easy:

And, here are some creations that caught my eye throughout the show:

Another of Darlene's creations

Beautiful in person

Love the vintage look

Gorgeous! I immediately bought the stamps and die for the "book"

Awesome calendar--on my list to make one day

Very funky--that's a tea strainer hat on top :)

Another beautiful book

Completely translucent card--astonishingly beautiful

I'm not a scrapbooker, but I love this page--look at the torn section revealing the photo!

I saw these rolling cases, but don't know anything about them. Oooo, I want one! Aren't they fab!

Aren't those some amazing creations! But, that's not even the best part. The very best part of going to a stamp convention is all the people I met!

I found out about this convention by accident. I was visiting Tera's blog (Stamp Queen) to comment on one of her cards, and she had mentioned that she was coming to Atlanta. In my comment I said something about the weather here, and she responded by asking if I was going to be at the convention. At first, I had no intention of attending, even though it was only 30 minutes from my house. I'm a pretty shy person, and crowds are not my forte :), but she got me interested, and before you know it, I was there! Don't I look happy with my new friends, Tera and Carla! :D

Then, to top it off, Tera had met a super fun group of ladies from Savannah, all in the medical/nursing field, like her, and they welcomed me right in! We met up later for dinner at California Dreaming and had spectacular fun. From left to right, there's Tera, me, Kim, Lori, Bertha, and Jane.

This was just the BEST DAY EVER!

Oh, and that other thing that people go to stamp conventions for...the goodies you come home with. Here's what I got...

Whoo Hoo! What fun! I can't wait for September and the Stamp Scrap Art Tour stamp convention in Greenville! I'm already saving my pennies for it!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you enjoyed the virtual convention tour! Have a fantastic day!

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Carla S. said...

What a great post, Cheryl! I didn't even think to take all those pictures! You captured so many wonderful things at the show! It was truly a pleasure to meet you! I hope we can do it again sometime!

stampqueen said...

Great bunch of pics!!! I really should take more pics but I always get too distracted!!

TesaB said...

Ohhhh this looks like soooo much fun! Thanks for sharing. And wow you sure got you some really nice dies and stamps! Glad you liked the Book box I did for Heartfelt, I'm sure you will LOVE both stamps and dies, I know I do!!!!

Theresa said...

How totally fun! I wish we had some things like this in Denver.

Melissa Craig said...

Cheesy petes what fun this must've been!!