My Craft Space--Clean for a Few Minutes :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hi Friends! If you saw either of my previous two posts, then you know that I've been doing some cleaning and organization in my craft room. So, while I have this short window of time where it's actually not a complete embarrassment to show you, I thought I'd share it with you. It's in the basement, so there aren't any windows, and it was originally set up as a knitting room, so the shelves and drawers are much larger than I prefer for papercrafting, but I'm making it work. I have plenty of lighting with 12 canned lights in the ceiling. I took quite a few photos, so I'll keep the commentary to a minimum. Hope you enjoy!

View from the door, including the sewing area

View from the door, including back wall

Cubed shelves at each end of craft table. Misc tools, dies

Other end of table. Distress Inks, Stickles in the floral box, white card stock, scrap paper

3-Tier basket-yarn that needs to go, and receipts
Wood Mounted Stamps

Stamps stored in clear plastic boxes and hung on slat wall

Embossing pwdrs, glitter

Sewing area

View from sewing area--this is where I spend most of my time--I prefer to stand rather than sit.
The table is bar height--comfortable for standing.

Craft table--tape and craft knives in pink drawers

Boxes of finished cards--divided by occasion
Wrapping station, ribbon--see all those baskets on top of shelves--full of yarn.
The blue binder holds my Spellbinders dies 

View of sewing area from back wall. The bookcase with orange bins holds my DDs craft supplies

From my counted needlework days
Embossing folders & various tools on these shelves
Rhinestones, pearls in blue drawers, scissors, weather radio
(The craft room doubles as our tornado room--completely underground & no windows)

Back wall. Everything on the upper shelves and up top is from my knitting days and needs to go.

Cutting & Scoring area--DDs art work on wall :D
Scrapbook paper & scraps. The little boxes in the left of the photo are all 6x6 pads.

Drawers are under the scrapbook paper area.
Top drawer--Ribbon, reinkers, buttons, etc.

2nd drawer--Sizzix dies, flowers, small embossing folders, misc embellies.

3rd drawer: punches, misc tools, ribbon

Covered shelves underneath countertop: Solid cardstock, felt, old knitting magazines.

DDs craft area--messy, like her Mom! :)

So, now you know where I am most of the time. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to organize everything, so I imagine in 6 months it will look completely different. If you have any suggestions for ways I can improve my set up, I'd love to know them. And, if you've got photos of your craft space on your blog, leave a link in your comment so I can see where you work, too!

And, if you are a knitter, or know one, who might be interested in buying any of my yarn, knitting books, etc., I'm Passioknitgirl on You can see most everything I have there.

Thanks for visiting me in my craft room! Have a fabulous weekend!

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Theresa said...

Can I come shopping? You look like a store!! I really need to get my room set up like this. Awesome!! I'm going to send you link to my older sister to talk about the yarn.

Carole said...

Cheryl your craft space looks awesome, love when everything has a home, so much easier. Thanks for dropping by and saying hello.

stampqueen said...

LOVE your craft room - mine is literally a disater!!! You look like my girlfriends craft space - she knits and quilts as well as stamps. Her material and some yard is in one room and stamping and more yarn in another (she knits hats for chemo patients and lap blankets for area Nursing home patients...) In a year or so when my DD goes to collage then I will take over her room for my craft room - then maybe I will be more organized.....

Pauline said...

Wow! Love your space! It looks so neat, and so well organised, what a great place to retreat to!

Unknown said...

As you cozy!Dream!

Sue Lelli said...

WOW! I want to come play! What a LUCKY girl you are! What an AMAZING space!

Heather Jensen said...

Great space Cheryl. You don't wanna see my craft room. It looks like a tornado ripped through. I need to rearrange. It is a longer narrow room and it just isn't set up well. Is your desk in the middle made from 2 shelving units and a door? I have seen them made and have debated on having my hubby make one for me. :)


Melissa Craig said...

Wow! What a room!!! I am so jealous. Actually, I love my space. I live in a 3 bedroom apt and my bedroom and craft space are one in the same and it works for me. But you have a dream come true.

If Theresa hadn't mentioned it already I was going suggest you talk with our older sister. She's in a knitting phase. Maybe you can trade some yarn for some of her papercrafting goodies. LOL

Carla S. said...

What an amazing crafting space, Cheryl! I am so envious of your organization! I'd be so much more productive if my space looked like yours! Thanks for sharing the photos!

Saphyre Rose said...

I really need to get standing height counters in my studio space. Hunching over a table or even sitting in a chair hunching over the table just kills my back. I keep hinting to hubby, "If I just had a few kitchen counter height cabinets in the studio I would have a much better time in there and you wouldn't have to rub my back every night!"
I hope his silence means there will be a surprise for me for our anniversary in November or for Yuletide....I hope.

Saphyre Rose said...

I for got to say, your craftroom really rocks!