A More "Mallow" Elf: Days 12 & 13

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hi Friends! I hope you all had a Very Merry Christmas, with lots of good food and family time! With a bit of uncertainty about the extended family Christmas plans, I was stressed for awhile, but once that was straightened out, everything was perfect. I enjoyed cooking the holiday dinner, that we all enjoyed eating, there was no last minute shopping or wrapping to do, so we had time to sit down together and watch all the fun Christmas specials, and after asking Santa for a Barbie Dream House for the past three years, Santa finally came through for my DD, so it was her "Best Christmas Ever"! Couldn't ask for more.

But, it's time to recoup now. I can't believe it's been an entire week since I posted anything, but Christmas wiped me out for a few days, and with my DD out of school until the 7th of January, I've gotten a little bit lazy. Twice now, my DD and I have lounged around in our pj's the entire day! See...that's lazy. ;)

I'm easing back into a regular routine with photos of our Elf's final days with us, before he went back to the North Pole with Santa. (I'll get back to making and posting cards soon, I promise.)

DAY 13:

After almost two weeks of pranks, Jackson seemed a little more mellow...or should I say "mallow."

My DD found him in her bathtub, in one of my loaf pan, taking a marshmallow bath. (BTW, that Maze book Jackson left my DD IS the World's Most Challenging Puzzle!) He had taken my DD's new Marty wig (from the movie Madagascar 3), and appeared to be using it as a shower cap. Looks pretty crazy on him, doesn't it? Well...
not as crazy as it does on my DD! She loves that thing!!! One of her friends gave her the Madagascar 3 movie and this wig, and every time she has watched the movie, which she LOVES, she runs and gets the wig when Marty is doing his Afro Circus dance so she can dance along with him. :D

DAY 14-Christmas Eve:

The marshmallow bath made sense when we found Jackson today.

Seems he and Barbie had a drive-in movie date planned--popcorn included.

That sly dog! ;)

My DD was ecstatic! Her theory was that if Jackson was in love with Barbie, he might decide to stay at our house this year instead of going back with Santa. She really loves having Jackson around.

The next morning, however, Jackson was gone, having hitched a ride with Santa the night before, but he left my DD a nice goodbye note. In it, she was a little disappointed to find out that the date was just for pretend, as he and Barbie are just good friends. Seems elves can't date until they are 125 years old, and Jackson is only 87 (in elf years he is only a young teenager). But, he did say he would be back again next year, so my DD is writing to him every day in a journal he left her, so that when he returns, he'll know everything she did between now and then, and he'll also know how much she misses him. :'-) I'll bet Barbie will miss him, too.

Thanks for stopping by today! I'll be back to posting cards soon. In the meantime, I really appreciate all the comments you've been leaving on my blog. They always make me smile!


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Sue Lelli said...

YOU are such a good Mom! I have LOVED seeing all that elf has been up to! Your DD will be so sorry to see him go! I know I am!

Laura said...

What fun Cheryl! Glad to hear your Christmas dinner was a success, and that you are enjoying the time with your DD! We have also had a couple of PJ days since the kids have been home from school! ;) Loving it!