Elf Jackson is Here!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hi Friends! Do you have a visitor from the North Pole during the month of December? We do, and his name is Jackson. He's a sweet little Elf, but he sure can be mischievous  But, then, that's what makes him so FUN! Jackson usually arrives about two weeks before Christmas. He's been here 6 days so far, and my 8 year old daughter is having a blast with all his antics, so I thought I'd share them with you, too. After today, I'll try to post his escapades at least every other day.

DAY 1:

Every year, when Jackson arrives, he writes a letter to my DD, bringing her up-to-date on his past year, giving her any messages from Santa, and letting her know if she needs to do anything while he is here. This year, he cut his letter short because he saw a group approaching him. He wrote that he thought it was a welcoming committee, and he hoped they would have some hot chocolate for him, as he was tired from his long trip from the North Pole. Well, that's not exactly what happened...

Jackson was captured and tied up by the Protectors of the Play Room! There's his letter for my DD, nicely rolled up at his feet, along with a gift. Poor Jackson!

This is the proclamation from the Protectors. (All references to my DD's name have been obscured)

DAY 2:

My DD always gets up extra early when her Elf is visiting. Here is the scene she found in our library on this morning.

Guess they worked everything out, since Jackson was reading the Elf on the Shelf book to every single stuffed animal my DD owns, as well as the dolls from the previous day.

He also brought a new friend, Dandy Lion. He was a gift for my DD, but I have to wonder...was he also for personal protection???

This was the Release Proclamation that one of the Ponies was holding.

I wondered what Jackson's view was, so I took this photo from behind him. Wow! What an audience!

DAY 3:

My DD had a rough evening the night before, with some difficult homework. Her behavior could definitely have been better. I guess Jackson noticed.
He wrote, "Don't make me blue :(" on the box. He also dyed her milk blue. We think that might have been from blueberries, but we aren't sure.

Can you see the words just underneath the Elf? "Be Good."

DAY 4:

Jackson brought my daughter some Extreme Dot-to-Dot and Extreme Coloring books (she is a puzzle fanatic). 
He did the first dot-to-dot himself, but fell asleep before finishing the second one. I don't blame him. I think it had about 1,000 dots!

This is the face of one excited kid! Jackson repaired the cereal box during the night! He didn't remove the writing, though. He even left the "Be Good" words on the inside of the box!

DAY 5:

My DD did have a stocking hanging on the mantle...until today! See it down there on the hearth? Sweet little Jackson replaced it with a couple of pair of undies! Underwear pranks are some of my DD's favorites.
From the looks of things, Jackson was attempting to hang a lot more than two pair!

He also left a little gift--a charm necklace with a Cinderella Coach and Tinkerbell charms.

Looks like my DD is set for underwear for awhile! Thanks, Jackson!

DAY 6:

Jackson obviously doesn't know that no one in this family has a green thumb! He brought the ingredients for a Candy Cane Garden. Come to think of it, maybe that will require a red and white thumb. We may be okay, there.
Good thing that dirt is Magical Dirt. That's the only way any kind of garden in this house will grow! ;)

Pouring in the Magical Dirt.

Mixing in the Fertilizer.

Candy Cane and Christmas Tree Seeds.

Planting the Seeds.

Hmmm, this garden requires good behavior in order to grow. Very interesting! Can't wait to see what comes up in a couple of days. :D

And, that brings us up to today. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. But, if you want to know, keep checking back. I'll post updates right up until Christmas. Jackson always goes back to the North Pole with Santa when the Big Guy in Red comes to deliver Christmas presents on Christmas Eve, but up until then, he stays busy with something new every day.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you are having a Magical Christmas Season at your house, too!

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Jessi Fogan said...

SO MUCH FUN! The childhood memories she'll treasure, for sure.
And what is so funny about underwear, anyhow? My kids think it's hilarious too.

Melissa Craig said...

Oh my goodness, your daughter must be having a blast with her little visitor. She looks so happy!! What a great idea.

My sister had such a visitor 5 years. His name was Flat Stanley that Hollyanne sent to her. He went on field trips, working out at the gym and even to her cancer treatments. Very cool!!!