The Names of God--More Handbound Journals

Saturday, November 28, 2015

The fabric I used for these journal covers are the names of God in a chalkboard style, The pages are blank inside. The books are identical except for the color of thread, elastic, and patterned paper. Two of them are for gifts, but I had extra bookcloth left over, so I went ahead and made a third one. 
Size: 4.75" x 6"
# of Sections: 10, with 4 folios in each
# of Pages: 160
Stitches: Coptic, Kettle, Gathered Long Stitch
Closure: Elastic
Cover Material: Cotton Fabric
Thread: Linen 
The patterned papers on the inside of each of these books is exactly the same except for the color. The polka dot paper covers the first and last sections just to add a little more interest to the spine.

The polka dot patterns line up on the outer sections, and I made sure to fold each of the polka dot folios down the center of a line of dots so that I could get as much color on the spine as possible.

If you are looking for 1/4" colored elastic, I found lots of different colors at The Ribbon Retreat. They have excellent customer service, as I accidentally ordered 1/8" elastic initially and they took it back for a store credit so I could turn around and order the 1/4" elastic quickly. This ribbon is much thinner than I am used to. It has a smooth texture and a looser elasticity than the thicker, ribbed elastic that I found at the craft store. I was afraid there wasn't enough spring to this elastic, but it actually works perfect for a book closure.

One more book left to share with you soon--a traditional casebound book.

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