Flower Power Coptic Book

Sunday, November 8, 2015

I was never a "flower child." Even as a young child, I was probably too conservative to have fit in with that crowd. But, I did enjoy the fun flower art the movement inspired. The flowers on this book remind me of that, in design and color. I used matching orange, pink, green, and white paper to make the twelve 16-page sections (192 pages total). 
This book looks very similar in construction to my address book, with it's French Link and Long Stitch Weaving, but the thread is wrapped twice through the cover here. 

When I first saw books whose covers were attached with two threads, I thought they just went through each station of the cover twice. Oh my gosh, was I wrong! This stitch requires 9 steps! But, according to Keith Smith, in his book, Exposed Spine Sewings, this particular attachment (Type 5 Board Attachment Lark Spur, page 217) has "ideal" hinging action, so the extra work was worth it.
The inside cover

Since this is a small book (4" x 5.25") I had less weaving to do, but I packed it much tighter than on my address book.
And, here is the cover to cover pic. Because this book is covered in paper rather than cloth, the recessed grove for the elastic, on the front cover, is easy to see. Oops! I see now that I forgot to make grooves on the back cover for the small bits of elastic there. =$ Not to worry, though. I think my "signature" on all my books will be to include at least one purposeful mistake, just so there is no question that it is handmade. I just need to make sure I don't "sign" a book in too many places at once. ;)

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Leslie Miller said...

Gosh, I don't think anyone would notice your signature on any of these books. Another AMAZING piece of work, Cheryl! I really do love the stitches, and the paper/colors are so fun! I'm so very intrigued. What a fabulous art this is!